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Buffalo, NY: Jet Grouting-Sheet Pile Wall Repair


Geo-Con was contracted by Honeywell International (Honeywell) to repair a breach in an existing wooden sheet pile wall as part of the Interim Corrective Measure - Area E project at the former Buffalo Color Corporation (BBC) Site located in Buffalo, New York.

This work included improvement of subsurface soil conditions behind an existing wooden sheet pile wall to minimize migration of groundwater from the site. The scope of the project consisted of a pre-construction site investigation, installation of overlapping 3-foot diameter jet-grout columns, and completing a post-construction ground water monitoring program.

Approximately twenty six (26) jet grout columns were installed along the alignment of the sheet pile wall. A slurry mixture of Portland cement and bentonite was injected into the soils to create a low-permeable vertical barrier across the breach. The resulting soil-cement material was sampled and tested for Unconfined Compressive Strength (UCS) and permeability. Laboratory testing indicated the soil-cement to have strength of over 50 psi and permeability of less than 1E-06 cm/sec. Jetting parameters (pressure, flow, lift rate, etc) were verified prior to full scale production by installing and exposing two test columns near the Jet Grout alignment.

Prior to Jet Grouting a site investigation was conducted to determine the condition of the underground wall and extent of the breach to be repaired as well as subsurface conditions that may impact the work. Activities performed during the investigation included an initial site survey, test pit excavation, soil boring installation, baseline groundwater monitoring data collection, soil sample collection, and the Jet Grout mix program. Results of the site investigation showed that the breach was deeper and wider than originally anticipated.

Following completion of Jet Grouting, a groundwater monitoring program was conducted to determine the effectiveness of the Jet Grout repair of the breach. Five (5) new piezometers were installed near the repair zone and monitored over a four week period. Existing wells and piezometers were monitored during this time as well for comparison to the baseline groundwater levels. Water level measurements indicated the sheet pile wall breach repair work was successful.


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