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Shoreham, NY: In-Situ Soil Treatment By Jet Grouting, Peerless Photo Products Site


In the early part of the twentieth century, the famous inventor and scientist Nikola Tesla operated his laboratory and test site at this site. The site had since been used by various manufacturing facilities. Portions of the site are now designated as a national historic site. The jet grouting activities took place within an area of the site known as the APC-10 Tesla Tower Base and Shaft. The site consisted of a concrete tower base and shaft that is reported to be nearly 100 feet deep. Jet grouting activities were planned and implemented to protect the tower base during the work.

The purpose of this project was to stabilize impacted soils to reduce the mobility of the contaminants including silver and cadmium in the vicinity of the shaft. The project originally was designated for in-situ soil mixing. However, during the pre-construction activities, it was determined that various obstructions such as concrete, steel and timbers were present throughout the shaft backfill.

Geo-Con proposed the use of jet grouting to meet the objectives of the project given the unfavorable conditions. Geo-Con developed a work plan that was approved on a fast track by the State for the stabilization using the jet grouting technique.

Geo-Con's scope essentially consisted of installation of 175 jet grout columns positioned within a sixty-foot diameter circle. The columns were 4 to 4.5 feet in diameter and laid out in a brick pattern to provide enough overlap to provide 90 to 100 percent coverage of the designated area to be treated. Each jet grout column was grouted from a depth of 100 feet up to 25 feet below the ground surface to treat the entire impacted zone. Due to the obstructions, some holes had to be pre-drilled so that the jet grout rods could be efficiently advanced to the required depth.

Grouting was accomplished with Geo-Con's Cassagrande C-7 track-mounted jet grout rig. A Portland cement and bentonite grout was prepared in Geo-Con's mobile batch plant and injected at high pressure to form the homogeneous soil-cement mixture within the designed treatment zone. Grout use was closely monitored and documented to ensure the correct amount of cement was incorporated into each column.


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