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In-Situ Soil Mixing/Stabilization of Contaminated Soil

Schenectady, NC: Hydraulic Excavator Soil Stabilization, Shermerhorn Creek


The site is located in Schenectady, New York and was historically used as a scrap yard. PCB and chlorinated solvent contamination was discovered at the site and it was added to the National Priority List under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980 (CERCLA). Geo-Con was contracted to perform soil stabilization as a remedial action under the regulatory oversight of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Work on this project took place adjacent to a working Union Railway line. Crews utilized sheet pile walls and careful excavation techniques to protect the railroad right-of-way.

Work at the site included the performance of a comprehensive laboratory bench-scale treatability study. This study identified the most appropriate mix design and assured adherence to project acceptance criteria. Geo-Con chose Portland type I cement for the in-situ soil mixing reagent based on the results of the bench scale work.

Soil mixing was performed by a specialized hydraulic excavator mixing process developed by Geo-Con. The surface will first be prepared (cleared) for soil mixing and laid-out into a series of rectangular cells approximately 12-feet wide by 15-feet long, each cell was designated with a unique identifier based on its location within a prepared grid. Adjacent cells were overlapped slightly to ensure complete treatment of the target soil. Immediately prior to soil mixing additional overburden was removed from the area to be mixed and placed in a soil stockpile area. Overburden was removed to accommodate the increase in volume typical when soils are stabilized.

Geo-Con enacted a fully documented quality assurance program for this project. Field tests of the soil-mix materials were performed according to specifications and documented on our respective soil-mix "Quality Control Form".

This project was successfully completed having met all our client's parameters, meeting schedule and remaining in budget.


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